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Having trouble with Circabc ?

Meeting difficulty with CIRCABC?

Password lost ? Information not found? etc. For European Commission's staff, contact your local service desk. For any user, contact In both cases please ask them to open a call and assign it to

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Reporting a bug

Simply use the contact link at top of this page.

Link problems from other applications

You meet difficulty in following a link from a document of Microsoft Office Suite?
Microsoft provides a registry patch. Please mind that this should be installed by your network security administrator, because this affects the behaviour of your computer. See the Microsoft support website:

Frequently asked questions

Users failed to reach my interest group via a link

If user has not any membership of your group, check the visibility of your interest group (Administration > Access profiles). This should be visible for Registered and or Public users.

Else verify that the link is correct.

How to get a password?

Refer to this document ECAS new user.pdf

I would like to create an interest group on CIRCABC

If you are a European Commission staff, please contact your IRM. Else please send a mail to

I have been told we should migrate from Circa to CIRCABC: when and how?

Migration from CIRCA to CIRCABC are now available. This process will transfer every document from an Interest Group in CIRCA into a new one on CIRCABC.
Migrations can be launched on demand of Interest Group Leaders or CIRCA Administrators. Otherwise they are planned according to the complexity and size of the Interest Group.

For further information, please contact Pierre Beauregard or

Could you create a serie of usernames?

Fill in the following template Excel file Template File.
Then send it to

Can we limit the access to some folders?

This can be done through the administration page of the concerned folder or document (option Manage permissions).
Manage permissions

Is CIRCABC available for users external to the EC?

ABC from CIRCABC stands for Administrations, Businesses and Citizens. So it is available for everyone.