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User profile and password management

All you need about user accounts.

You are searching how to reset your password or how to invite a new member into your Interest Group.

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How to create a user

You are an External staff and you need an Ecas account in order to attend to an Interest group ? Follow this link Create your own Ecas account.
Step 1:

fill in the form
Fill in the form

Step 2: you stop at a confirmation page, you have to wait the email to init your password.

Confirmation page
The confirmation page

Step 3: this is the email you receive, follow the link in it.

Password email
The email

Step 4: now you followed the link, just fill the formular to get your first password.

Login initialisation
Login initialisation

How to change your password

If you are an European Commission staff please write to
Else (external people only) follow these instructions How to reset your password

How to change your profile information

This ECAS feature is available for External users only.
Step 1: go to the Ecas Login page and enter you username. Do not forget to click "View my ECAS account details after login".

Login page
Login page

Step 2: you see your account details. So click "Modify my personal data".

Account detail page
Account detail page

Step 3: Edit the form with the correct data and click "Save". That is done.

Edition form
Edition form