Circabc Help - How to deal with searching - Save and re-use queries

This page avoids you to have to build again and again iterative requests. It explains how to save and re-use your search whenever you wish.

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Saving General and advanced searches

Please, note that only those who can access the "Administration" service can save searches.

You create and run a query through the Alfresco native user interface. Having looked at the results and appreciated the degree of relevance of your search, you decide to save it. You stay on the Search Results page and expand More Actions. Then you click Save New Search.

You are requested for giving a name to your search. You can add a description if you wish so. The saved search, indeed, will be considered a specific item. This will be explored by the search engine as any other item and may come as a result of some other search.

So, how to recognize a saved search among the search results?

- The White page icon icon comes along with each saved search on the results page.

More attractive is the public/private option.

As saving a search, you can choose to let it available for any other IG user or, at the opposite, keep it for your personal use. To allow the other IG users, whatever be their access profile, to search with your saved request, you cross the Save as a public search available to all users option.

Accessing a saved request

If you know its name, why not to use the General Search and look for words in the 'files names'?

If not, you will follow a path a few longer but not less efficient:

  1. Once you have reached your library first page, you click the up right "Search controls" icon ( Search controls icon ) and pick "Advanced search" out of the options list.
  2. The advanced search mask is displayed with its toolbar proposing you to "Select a saved search". By expanding this, you can see the list of both the public and your personal searches.

Retrieving a saved search
Retrieving a saved search

Modifying saved searches

Basically, this runs in four steps:

  • retrieve and display the search to be modified;
  • make changes in the query;
  • check the modified search by running it once;
  • save the modified search.

The last step, however, will slightly vary depending on whether you are the author of the search to be modified.

For example, we use a search titled "Food safety":

Step 1:

We select Advanced search via the "Search controls" icon ( Search controls icon ). Then we expand My saved searches options and click

  • Your searches, if we had limited access to ourselves;
  • Public searches, if we had made our search available to every member.

We choose "Your searches".
We expand Select a saved search which comes along with all of the saved searches that are only for personal consultation.
We select "Food safety".

Step 2:

The search criteria saved under "Food safety" are displayed. We make the changes we wish.

Step 3:

We run the modified search in order to test it. If it comes up with relevant results, we click More actions (at the top of the results page).

Step 4:

We are the author of the saved search you are about to modify; no matter whether we have made it public or not. We click Save modified search (in More actions menu). We have then to make a choice between overwriting the old version with the modified one and saving the latter as a new search.

We are working with a public search built by someone else?

- We have no choice. We may not overwrite a search that has been created by anybody else. We can only save the modified version as a new search.

You are able to deal with any kind of search in CIRCABC-IPM. To build complex requests is not any longer a secret to you.
You know how to share queries with the other users and you are able to identify the other members of the IG. Now we shall learn how to communicate with the other users: we shall see how to participate in a discussion about the content of the IG.